Club Tomodachi

Tomodachi (to-moh-dah-chi) –
友達; ともだち; or トモダチ – noun. Friend (Japanese)

Starting back Tuesday, January 21, 2020 6:00-7:00 pm

Club Tomodachi is a place for all those who love anime, manga, video games, cosplay, music, comic books, and Asian sub-culture to hang out, talk about the classics, newly released, and hidden gems in the industry, complete theme related DIYs, and make friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Club Tomodachi is an inclusive club for students ages 13-17. We have supports available for those still perfecting social skills & provide an engaging environment to encourage those who have a hard time coming out of their shell.


When does Club Tomodachi meet?

We meet Tuesdays 6 pm-7 pm at our office located at 2120 Staples Mill Rd. (intersection of Staples Mill and Park Lane) on the second floor in our suite 207.


Are parents required to stay during the meeting?

While we love our parents, because our main goal for the club is for participants to make and interact with friends, we encourage parents to drop off their child and use the time for some much-needed r & r. We are located next door to Libby Mill Library and two lights away from Willow Lawn with lots of shopping and good restaurants. We also invite you to relax next door in our main office (Suite 205) where we have a coffee bar, free wi-fi, and television.


What activities do we have planned?

Well, a lot of time will be dedicated to talking about manga, anime, video games and all things related. But, to kick it up a notch, participants can also expect:

-The word of the week (each week a new Japanese word will be introduced for participants to use)

Guest speakers & presenters (artists, authors, cosplayers)


-Premiere parties (waiting between seasons is a hard thing that needs to be rewarded. When new seasons for our favorite animes start we plan to go all out and party as we watch the newest episodes.)

-Cosplaying (we will attend conventions in the Richmond area and work out discounts to attend those a little further away)

-Food sampling & group meals (we will have a variety of snacks from Japan to try each week and will plan lunches and dinners at Japanese restaurants for all to attend throughout the year.)

-DIY sessions (Following the instructions of artists and cosplayers, participants will be able to make parts of their own costumes and keepsakes.)


What is the ratings for the content?

We work hard to screen content before sharing to make sure it is safe for pre-teen audiences. The majority of the content will be PG or PG-13. We will NOT share any content rated R or Mature. However, please be mindful that much anime, manga, and games today do show fight scenes and other types of aggression and violence. While that may be included, these scenes will still fit criteria of no higher than a PG-13 rating. All content will be viewed with the club leader and other CADC staff to monitor scenes and participant responses.


Is there a membership fee?

Yes, to help us provide snacks, materials for DIY projects, and other odds and ends to keep the club fun, we do have a monthly membership fee of $28 ($7 a week). This fee will be due the first of every month and can be paid by check, card or cash.


How do I register?

Click the link above to fill out the registration form.